Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My First Blog

Hoo am I?
My name is Nicole Roberts and I've spent my career working as a Textile and Product Designer. After learning a lot in the corporate world, I had the opportunity to spend two years in Thailand where I ate great food, learned some Thai, explored Asia and launched my own design company. I've recently returned and am living in Portland, Oregon.

NokHoo Design is the name I chose for my company. NokHoo is the Thai word for owl. Owls are both beautiful and intelligent. That is how I think of design.

(Yes, there are other variations of the spelling, but this is the one I like best.)

NokHoo Logo
In the Thai language, they associate each letter with a word. The letter H is called "ho nokhoo". My logo is a stylized version of this letter made to look like an owl's face.

Why Blog?
What with living in a foreign land, I turned to the internet to connect with other Designers. I realized what a great community of independent talent exists out there. This blog has been my effort to share my inspiration and design process, connect with other Designers and show off my wares.

The BIG Project!
I've recently launched a small line of unique, well-made laptop bags. They can be found at:

Many thanks to Andrew for being my personal web guru.


  1. Thank you for sharing with me. I love the designs and pictures. I am looking forward to seeing the laptop bags.

  2. Hi Bangkok, so its getting crowded there ;-) some friends of our design school are also there.

    I like that you put the patone plates on your color related pictures.

    keep it up greetings from germany
    regards Jan