Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Star Trek Fashion

Star Trek Fashion 1, originally uploaded by nrillustration.

I'm going to geek out and talk about the new Star Trek movie (which is very good, in case you somehow haven't heard...). When asking how the female crew members did their jobs in such short skirts, my boyfriend reminded me that in the original Star Trek they had even shorter skirts. So this got me wondering... what did the costume designers do to update the look while still paying homage to the groovy 60's feel? Here are my observations:

Color: They keep the red, mustard and blue but deepen the colors to be much more complexion-flattering.

Fabric: Scary polyester becomes what appears to be hi-tech athletic wicking fiber-more comfortable when traveling at warp speed.

Shape: Cut is much more tailored. The suits were fitted before but hmm... not so flattering (note Cpt. Kirk in photo above). And as mentioned, skirts are now longer... this makes it much easier to run about modestly when being chased by aliens.

All in all, I give the costume designers high marks for sticking with the original theme but updating it in a way that is kind to modern eyes. (Photo from Star Trek movie site.)

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