Monday, June 29, 2009

The Terrible Buzzing Tree

The Terrible Buzzing Tree, originally uploaded by nrillustration.

I was rollerblading in Lumpini Park the other day, the same route as usual, but suddenly noticed something unusual-the Terrible Buzzing Tree... easily the strangest flora/fauna I've ever seen. The tree is covered in thorns, odd fruit, flowers growing straight off the trunk and bees. These bees seemed to blanket the entire tree so it was like a buzzing, moving TreeBee. I was afraid to get too close lest TreeBee wrap it's buzzing branches around me. I did mange to get this photo, though. Anyone know what it is??


  1. Are the flowers orchids?

  2. Okay maybe it is a Aegle marmelos (Bael fruit)?
    Indigenous to India/Asia, with thorny bark and odd big green fruit. The flowers look different but there are probably many varieties.

  3. Not orchids, but this bael fruit sounds like a possibility. Do bees swarm bael fruit trees?