Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where my Time Went...

In the space of an hour, I need to get five things done-one of which is this blog post, so I get started... Browsing Etsy I find this gorgeous photo by Soloaperture. It reminds me of the backgrounds for those "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey" skits on SNL. So I look up Jack Handey on Wikipedia only to learn that Jack also wrote SNL's very funny "Toonces the Driving Cat" skit. Toonces reminds me of my friend Christen, who also thought Toonces was funny. I haven't talked to Christen in a while so I look her up on Facebook. While thinking of something witty to say to her about Toonces, I remember that she has a cat, so I look through her photos to see if his name is Toonces... At this point, I realize that 45 minutes has gone by and I am still not finished with this blog post.

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