Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Birth of a Logo

The Birth of a Logo, originally uploaded by nrillustration.

As NokHoo has gotten off the ground, lots of people have asked about the unusual name. NokHoo laptop bags were born while I was living in Thailand and learning the Thai language (or at least trying to!).

The idea behind the bags is that they're both attractive and practical-a combination I was having a hard time finding when shopping for my own bag. I wanted our name and logo to represent that idea so the beautiful and wise owl seemed like a perfect choice. I chose the Thai word for owl (nok-hoo) and used the letter 'h' for the logo, which is directly associated with the word "nok-hoo" in the Thai alphabet (this association is a Thai thing, hard to explain in English).

The picture above shows the progression... the top line is Thai 'h'. Below is its association with the word "nok-hoo". Next shows how letter became logo became owl's face. Last is the whole picture.

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