Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Photo Shoot in Progress... Part Two

One of our nice friends offered up her gorgeous Park Slope stoop for this series of photos and luckily it was a beautiful day. Our first shot was of model Tavish with the Sirrush bag. Tavish worked his modeling magic and probably struck about 30 ever-so-slightly different poses before we landed on this one (below)...

Next, we decided to add a little interaction so our beautiful model Natalia entered the scene with the Raining Paradise bag.

We tried this pose for a while but it didn't feel quite right, so we decided to move up the stairs...

Here we're pondering the significance of various poses. I can only assume I was talking about how to frame the shot, or maybe I was doing some sort of robot dance.

We settled on the top of the stairs, which proved to be a really nice composition. I LOVE the iron work on that door. I think they were pretending to flirt with each other in this shot :)

Here's the final photo (above). Check out the previous photos, I had to gray out his white tee shirt because it was stealing focus from her bag.

For our last shot, photographer Allyson suggested they walk down the street holding hands.

Very sweet-I had promo cards made up from this one. I posted it earlier but figured it was worth a re-post.

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