Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Color of Picasa

Picasa, originally uploaded by nrillustration.

I normally use iPhoto to organize my pictures but it has a lot of annoying limitations I'm just not motivated to sort out. So when a friend suggested Picasa, I figured I'd take it for a spin. After just an hour or so of fiddling with it, I found a couple of surprisingly useful features:

Sorting by color! This is fantastic for me as I'm constantly digging through my portfolio for different color combinations. The screen shot above shows a search for the color red in one of my folders. The files here are all jpegs or tiffs.

Face recognition. It's amazing and a little creepy how easily Picasa will troll through your photos and learn the faces of everyone you know. Next time you need to find a someone's pic for a birthday party, just click on their name and scroll through to find the best shot.

I should reiterate that I haven't tried that hard to work out the kinks with iPhoto but so far Picasa's sorting tools far outstrip anything I've seen in iPhoto. I look forward to seeing what else it can do!

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