Thursday, August 26, 2010

Roosevelt's Mighty Murals

While I wasn't very successful at researching yesterday's post about the Native American murals at the American Museum of Natural History, I did run across a lot of info about the murals in the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall. The black & white images above are from a very old booklet describing them. These murals depict "notable incidents in the career of Theodore Roosevelt".

Most of these notable incidents involve subduing various animals and cultures throughout the world. The left image shows Roosevelt surrounded by various natural specimens he gathered in Africa. The right image celebrates the "termination of the Russo-Japanese War through the mediation of President Roosevelt".

I don't intend to disparrage President Roosevelt with sarcasm, it's just always surprising to see the types of things that were celebrated and acceptable in recent history but would be politically incorrect now. On another note, the artist William Andrew Mackay certainly deserves kudos for his impressive work and classic illustrative style.

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