Monday, August 9, 2010

One Night in Bangkok

One Night in Bangkok, originally uploaded by Stuck in Customs.

So... after my whirl around the PNW, I flew off to Bangkok. I wish I could say I took this photo but I definitely did not. The image is by Photographer Trey Ratcliff (found it on Flickr).

About the location: this is Wat Arun, my favorite temple in Bangkok. It sits across the river from the oft-visited Grand Palace. The stairs to the top are dizzying and totally worth the climb. The temple is covered with shards of broken pottery. I've actually blogged it twice.. here and here.

About the Photographer: Trey Ratcliff seems to be a rather famous dude, judging from his bio, who is particularly adept at travel photography. His website has lots of interesting stuff, including a free tutorial for HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography. HDR is some tricky post-production work that can be used to enhance a photograph to evoke a feeling of 'being there'. The results are pretty cool so worth a try if you're a photo junkie!

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