Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NokHoo Interview: Stylish Mama

When I started designing NokHoo backpacks I was searching for a great-looking, quality bag that I could use while traveling the world with my laptop. In the few short years since NokHoo transformed from an idea into a reality, my life has transformed as well. The bag I counted on to safely ferry my computer from India to Italy and back again is now carrying diapers, bottles and brightly colored toys up and down the West Coast.

When I hear from my wonderful customers, I'm always surprised at the unique way that each individual uses their bag, so I decided to post a series of interviews asking, "How do you use your NokHoo bag?".

Lovely JuJu at the airport (she's the tall one).

My first interview features JuJu who lives in Bangkok with her husband and young son. She owns the Icarus style and has been using it as a diaper bag. She recently took a trip to Taiwan and I asked her how she organized her bag for that trip:

"In the front zipper, I kept 4-5 diapers in where the two pockets are. And I placed small bottle of Vaseline, baby wipe pack, nose spray bottle in the mesh pocket attached to the front side zipper. The very front small pocket, I kept my gum, and lipstick. (See the photo)".

JuJu sent me this fab photo showing how she organized her bag!

When I asked JuJu to tell me what she likes most about her bag, she had this to say:

"The backpack style is very convenient especially for a trip while I don’t have free hands. My hands are always ready for carrying the baby, so a shoulder or messenger bag would totally get in a way. The bag is also roomy and designed with many pockets. It is easy to organize."

Thanks to JuJu for the interview and great photos! As always, you can check out all NokHoo's lovely styles here.

The stylish mama heads off to Taiwan...


  1. I should have used the photo with Diapers on it, so people could see the picture. :) Thanks anyway, Nicole. Love the bag!

  2. Great use of the bag. I will get my interview in. Will try to do pictures. Juju's pictures were great.