Thursday, February 16, 2012

NokHoo Interview: The Smartest Artist

Artiste Angela Wales Rockett poses before her work at a New York show.

Today I'm delighted to be interviewing Angela, a successful abstract painter from Tacoma, Washington, who uses her DeLoverly bag to carry art supplies and sketchbooks to her painting studio and on sketching excursions. Here's how Angela packs her bag:

"The "laptop" compartment holds my larger sketchbook and a notebook, and usually a book for reading. In the other half of the large compartment I keep a smaller sketchbook or two, and some sketching materials including pencils, pens, and a watercolor set. This is also where I keep my hat and scarf, and a travel mug and my camera, and maybe even a snack, and a little bag of things like hand lotion, lipstick, and a portable toothbrush. There's a lot of room in there! In the front pocket I keep things I need to get at more easily, including my wallet, pens in the handy pen holders, keys, lip balm, and yes, another small sketch/notebook. I think I might have a problem ;). I keep my business cards very handily in that little flap pocket on the outside. In the various smaller zippered pockets I keep my cell phone and my iPod Touch. And the outer side pockets carry my water bottle, and my travel tea infuser, and if I ever get around to buying one, they will also hold a compact umbrella.

"I've only had my bag for a month, so I'm still working out what to do with all the space, but so far it's working like a charm. I used to have to carry my purse plus a tote (or 2) to cart my sketching supplies around, but now it all fits in one beautiful bag."

Angela sent me this great photo of her bag packed up and ready to go!

What does Angela like most about her bag?

"I love that it's just so pretty, and yet very sturdy and completely functional, and comfortable to wear as well. I also love that it's water resistant since I live in the Pacific Northwest."

I'm happy Angela pointed out the water-resistant quality of the bags because I know that doesn't come across at first glance. NokHoo bags are fully padded with EPE foam, which stands up nicely to rain (we're pretty sure about this, having weathered more than one Thai monsoon).

Thanks to Angela for a great interview. It's worthwhile to check out her beautiful paintings and her blog. Angela also has an active show schedule so if you're lucky enough to live nearby, you can see her work in person!

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