Monday, April 23, 2012

Labor of Love

I adore this Alabama Chanin dress. It's called the Applique Maggie Dress and the entire thing is covered with appliqued flowers. OK, so it's $3365, but I'm sure every laborious stitch is well worth it. Not sure I'd be gardening in it like the girl in the photo but maybe she has a very tidy garden.

The Alabama Chanin line is made entirely by hand in Florence, Alabama. Most of their products are intensely embroidered and appliqued. They even offer workshops and kits for those who want to emulate their style (I do!). And they just happen to be coming to Portland this weekend. (I only discovered this fact just now while writing this post). I wish I could justify going to their sewing workshop (justify = afford), but maybe I'll stop by their trunk show and take a peek.

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