Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Two Thumbs Up" for Icarus!

More love for NokHoo from the blogosphere! Geek's Dream Girl reviewer, L, put her Icarus bag through the wringer during a trip to the GenCon gaming convention last week. To test the bag's durability she carried it everywhere, stuffing it into planes, trains and automobiles, and Icarus came through with flying colors. (Flying colors... Icarus, get it? Punny.)

L sums up her review by saying, "... this bag gets two thumbs up from me for being exactly what it looks like. The Icarus is a durable, fashionable bag that can survive the sartorial equivalent of the Apocalypse (me). I needed a backpack that could survive my use, and it did so in spades." 

Hooray for happy reviewers! Read more of what L has to say here.


  1. Great review. She also rec'd the grid its

  2. Yea, so glad she liked it! I also like that she really tried to put it to the test when she used it. I want people to know that they're sturdy. And the Grid-It is awesome for cables!