Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Water Marks

"Water Marks: Reef" by Kathy Soles

"Sounding Series #1" by Kathy Soles

"Water Marks: Slow Currents" by Kathy Soles

The undersea environment has such an other-worldliness to it. If you've ever spent time in the ocean you probably know what I mean—so many layers of plant and animal life suspended in motion with the sunlight coming from the surface and the dark below. 

When I saw the artwork of Kathy Soles I immediately connected those underwater sensations with her beautiful paintings. In her own words, "the work develops into a dialog between dense accumulations of paint and drawing materials and open passages evoking light, air, and water". 

Kathy so successfully combines those elements that I'm happily carried away by the current into her underwater universe.

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