Monday, September 10, 2012

NokHoo Interview: The Traveling Man

Here's Randy's Icarus bag getting caffeinated for a trip to Long Beach, CA.

Icarus peers out the window, waiting to get on the plane.

What a lucky bag, Icarus is staying aboard the Queen Mary!

Time to relax after a long trip. Perhaps Icarus will order a cocktail?

Next in my series of interviews with NokHooees (can I call my customers that?) is savvy businessman Randy who takes frequent work trips with his NokHoo bag. Randy works as a consultant and spends weeks on end flying to and fro, living out of a small suitcase and his Icarus backpack. Randy has owned his bag for almost three years and recently chronicled a trip to Long Beach, CA where he and Icarus stayed aboard the Queen Mary (photos above).

I asked Randy how he uses his bag and he says, "I use it for everything!  Daily work (a traveling office); work & personal travel.  A place to keep my office stuff stored and organized."

Organization is the name of the game when you're traveling so I asked Randy to describe how he lays out his wares… "I put a laptop in laptop pouch (sometimes two!). All tools in the front section (pencils, mouse, flashlight, small pad, glasses….). For travel I keep papers with the laptop and put headphones, book, extra emergency clothes in the front section.  For daily use I keep miscellaneous papers in the front half."

What does this traveler like most about his bag? "It is sturdy and attractive and has room for most day-to-day ‘stuff’."

I'm glad to hear Randy's bag has weathered so nicely after three years of travel; that was one of my main goals when I designed the bags. I also love hearing about exciting trips NokHoo gets to take! As always, NokHoo's fine assortment can be found here

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