Friday, February 1, 2013

We Still Might Change Our Minds

We Still Might Change Our Minds

Until That Day Has Come

I recently visited the Paul Scott Gallery and saw work by Angie Renfro. I love the way she paints bright colors on a lower layer of her canvas and then covers them with muted neutrals. They're beautiful on the computer screen but even better in person. 

Here's a nice description from the gallery's website about how Angie approaches her subjects,
"She loves to paint the simple things in this landscape such as birds on a wire, electrical lines intersecting the flat expanse, weeds on the side of the road or an abandoned silo. “My intent is to draw attention to these overlooked things so that their quiet, unassuming beauty can be appreciated.”

Check out more on her website here.


  1. I really like these they glow. Thanks for the explanation about how they are painted.

  2. It was nice to see them in person, too. The technique really shows through (in a good way).