Friday, March 22, 2013

The Slowly Evolving Room

We moved into our house about two years ago when I was six months pregnant. For some strange reason it took a very long time to decorate everything (I just used the past tense as if it's actually finished) and the living room has been a particular thorn in my side. To have finished it even a little is such an accomplishment I figured I should share some of the results...

We started our living room adventure with a couch and a painting, which roughly established the color scheme. The search for just-right chairs began when we realized there was not enough seating for two pets and any number of humans. It seems like decent chairs should be an easy find... not so. New chairs were too big, too expensive and poorly constructed so thrift store-a-shopping we went. Jackpot! $200 later we had two sturdy, perfectly-sized chairs and an AWESOME lamp.

Phase two involved a desperate search for the perfect fabric to cover the chairs with. We lured our neighbors over with wine in order to solicit countless opinions—apparently it takes a village to make these important decisions. I love the pattern we landed on. (If I was a good Textile Designer I could tell you where the pattern came from but I seem to have lost this info).

The wall behind the chairs was tricky to fill but we decided it needed something large, bright and round (too many straight lines in the room) so it was a great moment when we found this huge mirror at a going-out-of-business sale. And if you're wondering what that squirrelly sculpture is in the background, it's a cho fa that we picked up in Thailand (some detail pics of that here).

And there you have it, the evolution of a living room.


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  2. Love the fabric for the chairs. And I can not believe you found such a great lamp at a thrift store!

  3. Glad you like the chairs. We weren't really looking for a lamp but it was such a perfect fit it had to come live with us.