Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Little Spice

The bedroom happens to be fairly clean today so I figured I'd snap a few photos to show you how things are coming together on the home front. For a long time the bedroom had no decoration or plan whatsoever. My big break came one day when I was driving past the plethora of vintage shops on Hawthorne (hooray, PDX!). This 1970s-era headboard painted bright red was sitting outside and screaming my name. Never mind that I had nothing to match it, this thing of beauty was now mine.

My impulsive purchase unleashed a frenzy of design desperation as I scoured the house for anything at all that might coordinate with BRIGHT RED. First came a beautiful quilt that my mom made me which, since she has a pretty sophisticated sense of color,  gave me great direction for the rest of the room. The quilt inspired the fun orange walls. Since I have a lot of wood in the room (floors, side table & dressers) I like that orange is bright but still an earthy color.

With so many warm tones I needed a bit of pop, so I unearthed two turquoise Vietnamese lanterns and felt everything come together. I was able to raid my stash of fabrics and stitch up multi throw pillows to balance out the colors (I knew I'd use that fabric one day!).

Finally, I needed something iconic hanging above the bed so St George and the Dragon did the trick. Although I had no plan at the start, I managed to use things I already owned to coordinate with that red headboard. I've decided the vibe is Chinese-temple-meets-Turkish-bazaar. Maybe that's stretching it but it works for me. 


  1. The walls look good too. I like the pillow colors.

  2. The whole works together. It is bright, but still has a nice bedroom feel. The lamps pick up colors from the quilt. Great job.

  3. Thanks, it's kind of a crazy mix but I think it works (especially when it's clean!).