Thursday, April 9, 2015

Upcycle Me!

It's time. My original NokHoo development samples have been hiding away in a pile of boxes for a while now.  Whenever I run across them I think, "I should get rid of those".  But they stay in the box, cluttering my home and my mind.  I hate sending them to the landfill because: 1) they represent blood, sweat and tears that went into NokHoo's beginnings 2) they have useful bits and 3) landfills suck.  But today, in a creative/organizational/I've-had-it-with-all-this-junk fury, I whipped out the scissors and began cutting.  Step one in my upcycling experiment. Above is the BEFORE photo. Below are the results (thus far)…

Mid-cutting. It's interesting to see the bones of the bags.

The good stuff.

I'll just pat myself on the back (or the backpack, ha ha) for starting out but… what's next?  I figure I'll sew them into carrying cases of some sort.  Any suggestions?  Special orders?  Help me bring these bags a new life!  I'll blog my progress and hopefully have something to sell on Etsy at the end of the day.  (That was a figure of speech, not the end of THIS day because it's late and I'm tired.  A different day.)


  1. A little wristlet bag. Then you can check your back pack in coat check and still have what you need to enjoy the concert, play or museum. When I take the bus to Seattle I need my backpack for the trip, but do not need to take it into the event.

  2. Great idea! What size would be best… a little rectangle, like 8x4"? Bigger?

  3. I have an old one that I have used. It is 9x5. It has a little hook on the inside for keys.