Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Making of... DeLoverly

batik, originally uploaded by nrillustration.

Indonesian batik prints are covered with birds, butterflies and exotic flowers that flow seamlessly together to create a little reflection of paradise. NokHoo's DeLoverly bag takes its inspiration from these stunning traditional textiles.

DeLoverly, originally uploaded by nrillustration.

The artwork for this was fun to draw and I liked balancing the feminine themes with more earthy colors. My manufacturer found these great wooden toggles and inscribed NokHoo's logo on them-what a nice surprise!

DeLoverly Laptop Bag, originally uploaded by nrillustration.

DeLoverly-love it! The textured fabric is really unique and there are some great screen print details. The interior print is a nice 'pop' without being too loud and there is just a wink of sparkle from the beading. A very fine bag, indeed.


  1. Nicole, the bags are fabulous. Olivia has already added to her Christmas list, as I hope many other people will!

  2. These bags are beautiful! Great job, I like your inspiration.

  3. Thanks! Putting together the ideas has been by far my favorite part of this endeavor.

  4. Hi Nicole, I love these bags!! I've been coming back to look at your page over and over again! I was wondering if you were thinking about doing some other colors? If you do, please let me know I would LOVE to get one!! Great job :)

    1. Cheri, I'm so glad you like them! I have some new design ideas but I don't have plans to produce them right away. I'd love to hear what colors you'd be interested in!