Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Making of... Sirrush

dragons, originally uploaded by nrillustration.

Dragon myths are found all over the globe-sometimes the dragon is the protector and other times it needs slaying. This idea has fascinated artists for centuries and inspires NokHoo's Sirrush bag. Sirrush was a protective dragon found depicted on the gates of ancient Babylon (shown bottom right).

Artists clockwise from top left: Ivan Bilibin, Kay Neilsen, Freize from Babylon, Novogrod School

Sirrush, originally uploaded by nrillustration.

The design for this bag combines the color of a WWII medic bag, screen prints with a nod to medieval knighthood and embroidery combining Chinese and European dragon concepts. Whew! In the end it's all about myth and might...

Sirrush Laptop Bag, originally uploaded by nrillustration.

Sirrush is born. The monocromatic color scheme works really well and makes the interior plaid a great complement. I love how the star label turned out. Everything works together to make a statement without being overstated.

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