Thursday, October 4, 2012

NokHoo Interview: A Knitter's Tale

I know a number of people who use their NokHoo bags as craft or knitting totes. Today's chat is with Sharon; a retiree who takes her leisure time seriously. When she's not traveling abroad, Sharon is off seeing a play, having dinner with friends or knitting for a good cause. Sharon has this to say about her bag:

"I've owned the DeLoverly NokHoo bag for three years.  I use my bag for knitting, travel and day trips.

"I'm retired and often take day trips on the bus.  I pack it with things to keep me entertained on the bus and what I will need for my day.  It has a nice compartment for my MP3 player and earphones.  There's a secure pocket for my wallet.  I have room for a knitting project, kindle or book.  It's stylish and looks good while shopping, going to a museum or attending the theatre.

"I also love that it organizes very well as a craft bag.  The back pocket is just the right size for a knitting book.  The project fits into the second pocket while my knitting tools and needles are well organized in the front pocket.  If I'm doing needle felting the needles fit in the front, the block goes in the back and the roving goes into the middle pocket.  The pockets are well organized and my tools are easily accessible.  I can knit while leaving the ball of yarn in the pack preventing runaway yarn on the bus.

"When I'm traveling I need my hands free to manage suitcases and a cane.  The DeLovely works as a backpack/purse for me and fits easily into the overhead on a plane.  I have my travel documents, money, books, passport and knitting project easily accessible.

"I get many compliments on the NokHoo bag when I'm traveling.  It has held up very well and after three years of hard use it does not show any signs of wear. It's truly a great bag and I'm so glad I have it."

Sharon and her NokHoo bag often visit with the nuns of the St. Placid Knitters and Spinners Group, where they knit prayer shawls for ill and grieving people. I like to imagine Sharon's DeLoverly bag holding the yarn that will become one of these beautiful shawls and will one day warm someone in need.

As always, NokHoo bags can be found here.

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